cerasonar 4080 ultimate

cerasonar 4080 ultimate

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The new cerasonar 4080 ultimate is a hybrid-pneumatic driven speaker in a small form factor. We designed this speaker specifically as an easy to install & use invisible fullrange speaker.

Based on our experience in invisible speakers, our focus was to develop a fullrange speaker which impresses at highrange feedback – we achieved this with the development of a 25 mm exciter driver which excels at mid-highrange resolution and best in class off axis frequency response. To ensure operational safety and longevity, the exciters use heat management by passive cooling, ferrofluid and impedance correction and v.c. copper ring.

The 8” woofer works pneumatically and delivers impressive bass capabilities. It was especially designed to work harmoniously together with the mid-range section. The advanced crossover has a built-in protection circuit so that it can be connected to conventional amplifiers without the need for an additional protection unit. To deliver the best possible sound quality, we recommend using our cs-500dsp4 amplifier. In the latest version, the 4080 ultimate preset is included and a dynamic bass boost can be activated, this increases the bass volume on low to mid listening volumes - feel the difference.

Preferably installed in a timber made construction this series guarantees you an overwhelming sound experience. Music is not only heard, it is felt by every hard push of the powerful woofer.

  • Power rating: 75 w RMS (150 w max)
  • Impedance: 4 ohms
  • Frequency range: 35 - 20.000 hz* / *²
  • Frequency range with cerasonar amp: 30 - 20.000 hz* / *²
  • max SPL: 103 db
  • Dispersion range: 180° x 180° h./v.
  • Single stereo mode: no
  • for humid environments: no
  • Drywall: 1- or 2-layered 12,5 mm plasterboard
  • Installation cut out: 34,5 x 74,5 cm
  • Dimensions: 40,0 x 80,0 x 9,3 cm
  • Weight: 6,7 kg

* depending on installation situation
*² we recommand min. 50 litres installation volume!

  • cerasonar transformator 100v - 50w
  • cerasonar cs-500dsp4 amp
  • cerasonar cs-2000dsp4 amp
  • cerasonar frame/backbox 4080
  • cerasonar placeholder 4080
  • cerasonar speaker installation cable
cad drawing cerasonar 4080 ultimate

invisible fullrange speaker

cerasonar 4080 ultimate

The new cerasonar 4080 ultimate is an invisible full-range loudspeaker. The 8" woofer delivers powerful and strong basses, the exciter drivers complete the package with clarity and dynamics in the high frequencies.

Ideal for uncomplicated stereo or multi-room audio installations requiring no additional subwoofer.

Optimised exciter to the last detail
How we achieve excellent high-frequency reproduction

Invisible loudspeakers were often seen as a compromise. They had sufficient quality for background sound, but lacked in dynamics and resolution compared to conventional loudspeakers.

The panel material is the decisive component for the quality of the high-frequency reproduction. This can be compared to the aerodynamics of a car. Even a powerful engine cannot compensate for poor aerodynamics, so it is the streamlined design that is decisive for achieving high speeds. In our case, we have chosen a suitable panel material to provide for an excellent basis for the reproduction of high tones.

By using a very light but nevertheless hard material it is possible to reproduce even the highest frequencies pure and cleanly. The two mid-/high-range exciters thus do not require equalisation of the high-frequency range and therefore achieve a treble quality that is no way inferior to a conventional loudspeaker.

4080 ultimate

how to | install
Customised flat 8" woofer
Suitable for a wide range of installation environments

Important for us was that the driver delivers a fast impulse behaviour to keep up with the exciter drivers. Fundamental structural modifications were necessary, that are not common for standard low-frequency drivers.

We achieved this by using a stiff and light carbon fibre cone. At high excursions, the cone keeps stable and doesn't flex - important for reproducing sound without distortions. Since the speaker surround represents the next "bootle neck", it was designed drive-optimised and can thus properly carry away the load.

To guarantee a linear frequency response, we added a copper ring on the pole piece for impedance correction. Thanks to the strong magnet system, the new 4080 ultimate can also be used well in smaller volumes such as back boxes or masonry mounting frames. In addition, the rigid basket is extensively ventilated to ensure heat dissipation even under heavy load.

Efficient crossover design
protecting both woofer and exciter drivers

We have linearised the midrange with counterweights and developed a filter that ensures a clean crossover between the woofer and the midrange/tweeter.

In addition, the two paths each have an independent PTC to protect the speaker in case of overload. More over, the exciter drivers are equipped with two aluminium heat sinks to ensure efficient heat dissipation even under heavy load.

By using proprietary woofer and exciter drivers designed in-house, we have managed to reduce the speaker crossover to a minimum of components. This has allowed us to use components, such as high quality foil capacitors in the signal path. No resistors that consume unnecessary energy are used as a result of the homogeneous tuning of the woofer and the exciters.

For connecting of the speaker wire we use the Wago 221-613 terminals, cable diameters up to 6 mm² can be connected quick and reliable.