cerasonar cs-500dsp4
cerasonar cs-500dsp4
cerasonar cs-500dsp4

cerasonar cs-500dsp4

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In order to serve you with the smartest sound experience possible, we developed the cerasonar cs-500dsp4 DSP amplifier that comes with predefined presets for each cerasonar speaker and subwoofer. The use of an extra cerasonar protection unit is not required. This amplifier is your game-changer in high-demanding multi-room projects that request the finest sound quality possible.

A digital power supply provides a stable voltage supply and four autonomous amplifier chips from International Rectifier ensure flawlessly as well as distortion-free amplification, even at maximum load. Even at high temperatures, the cs-500dsp4 works reliably due to a built-in fan with intelligent temperature-dependent fan speed. In normal operation, the fan remains switched off, which means that no disturbing fan noise is caused and it can also be used as a stand-alone device.

The four power amplifiers deliver 125 watts per channel into 4 or 8 ohms and can be bridged to 250 watts into 8 ohms if required. In bridge mode, the 70V / 100V mode is also supported. For an easier installation, we offer additional audio transformers for our speakers and subwoofers.

Due to its compact dimensions, the amplifier requires little space in the server cabinet. Depending on requirements, one or two amplifiers fit next to each other in 1U, the adapter plates are of course included in the delivery.

The cs-500dsp4 can be easily and quickly connected to the most common Smart Home systems. This makes it the ideal partner for multi-room audio projects that can be controlled by the system pioneer control4, for example.

As professional installations 100v systems are a popular choice, the cs-500dsp4 provides you with 100v (or 70v) mode as well.

With the additional 100v transformers for our speakers, you only need to route one cable and connect all the speakers in series. This saves you a lot of cabling and amp channels.

  • Amplifier power output: 
    4x 125w @ 4/8 Ohm
    2x 250 W @ 8 Ohm (bridged)
    2x 250w @ 70/100V
  • DSP:
    28-/56-BIT, 50 MIPS
    High pass filter
    3x DSP filters per channel
    4×4 Input matrix
    Power limitation
  • Network: 10/100M LAN
  • Input voltage: 115 V or 230 V (automatically)
  • Total dimensions: 215 x 44 x 240 mm
  • Weight: 2 kg
  • Power cable
  • Input adapter Phoenix to Cinch (male)
  • Adapter for 19“ rack mounting (1x amp in 1U)
  • Adapter for 19“ rack mounting (1x amp in 1U)


With fan control + easy and quick reset button

Fast delivery

Due to German warehouse

We are also happy to send our speaker solutions directly from our warehouse to your customers. This way you avoid your own storage costs and can provide your customers with smarter sound faster.

easy configuration via web browser

4x 125W @ 4/8 Ohm 2x 250W @ 8 Ohm70/100 Volt mode

scope of delivery

Cinch adapter, various 19" mounting plates

high power reserves

125W @ 0.1% THD

cs-500dsp4 amp

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