cerasonar protection unit

cerasonar protection unit

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This simplified protection unit can be used with
cerasonar 1520 fit and 2525 fit. With this protective
circuit we offer a 5 year warranty on our cerasonar
series. As a German manufacturer, we fulfil the VOB
guarantee for drywalls.

The protection unit is not suitable for use with an AV
receiver, as the peak power of the AV receiver may not
be detected by the sluggish protection circuit.
In this case, we recommend using the protection unit
pro or our cerasonar amplifiers.

protection unit 25w:

  • Delivery content: protection unit 25w + 2x WAGO 221
  • Suitable for:
    cerasonar 1520 fit
    cerasonar 2525 fit single stereo
    (2 units per speaker)

protection unit 50w:

  • Delivery content: protection unit 50w + 2x WAGO 221
  • Suitable for: cerasonar 2525 fit