cerasonar 4062 reference

cerasonar 4062 reference

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With our roots in acoustic development, our goal was to create an invisible loudspeaker that thrives in home cinema and high le-vel multiroom audio applications. The reference series starting with 1,2 kg, is lighter than other invisible speakers and is therefore very much loved by installers who place them overhead in the ceiling, even on larger projects.

To enhance its bass performance, we recommend the additional use of our cs-500dsp4 amp or/and the combination with a cerasonar subwoofer or a third-party hidden subwoofer. Generally, pneumatic driven systems with conventional bass drivers make more excursion and vibration, therefore special attention must be paid so that cracks, etc. in filler joints don’t occur.

As an exception on the market, our reference series works as an exciter-only invisible speaker which allows it to be installed carefree - special attention to reinforced substructure is with the reference series unnecessary.

  • Power rating: 50 w RMS (100 w max)
  • Impedance: 4 ohms / 2x 8 ohms
  • Frequency range: 70 - 20.000 hz*
  • Frequency range with cerasonar amp: 60 - 20.000 hz*
  • max SPL: 105 db
  • Dispersion range: 180° x 180° h./v.
  • Single stereo mode: yes
  • for humid environments: no
  • Drywall: 1- or 2-layered 12,5 mm plasterboard
  • Installation cut out: 35,0 x 57,0 cm
  • Dimensions: 40,0 x 62,0 x 5,8 cm
  • Weight: 1,2 kg

* depending on installation situation

  • cerasonar protection unit pro 50w/100w
    (or 2x cerasonar protection unit pro 25w in single stereo mode)
  • cerasonar transformator 100v - 50w
  • cerasonar cs-500dsp4 amp
  • cerasonar cs-2000dsp4 amp
  • cerasonar frame/backbox 4062
  • cerasonar placeholder 4062
  • cerasonar speaker installation cable
cad drawing cerasonar 4062 reference

Powerful and light

Our top selling series

With our roots in the acoustic development, our goal was to create an invisible loudspeaker that thrives in home cinema and high level multiroom audio applications.



Experience pure

Natural sound

The cerasonar reference series is based on our Mode Control Correction (MCC) system. Ensuring a natural sound by correctly damping mode interference. A big step towards delivering first-class sound quality.



exception on the market




From our customers


As an electrician, I have already installed various invisible cerasonar speakers for customers. The panels can be inserted into the ceiling or wall very quickly and can be trowelled over cleanly. So far, all customers have been very satisfied! I can definitely recommend the company.

Eric Hartje

Electrician in Bremen, Germany


I listened to them for the first time in the company's showroom and was immediately impressed. I didn't know about invisible speakers before and was amazed that the room was filled with such a great sound, despite the wall in front of it. Goosebumps! I received great advice from a very friendly team!

reference series

HOW TO | install

100 percent customer satisfaction

Our service includes a 5-year warranty. Our product liability insurance (only valid in Germany) in cooperation with AachenMünchener provides protection against property damage and bears the full costs for a possible restoration. A prerequisite is the registration with us in our company. Each of our cerasonar loudspeakers comes with comprehensive, easy-to-understand installation instructions in picture and video format, which even makes subsequent installation in existing walls extremely easy.

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