cerasonar architect sub
cerasonar architect sub
cerasonar architect sub
cerasonar architect sub
cerasonar architect sub
cerasonar architect sub
cerasonar architect sub
cerasonar architect sub
cerasonar architect sub
cerasonar architect sub
cerasonar architect sub
cerasonar architect sub
cerasonar architect sub
cerasonar architect sub
cerasonar architect sub
cerasonar architect sub

cerasonar architect sub

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The cerasonar architect sub is the ideal bass support for all cerasonar speakers. It unfolds its ingenious potential when there is no space for an in visible subwoofer or no stable (and „rattle-free“) substructure. It can be installed in a drywall. The small powerhouse with 8“ drivers delivers an extra kick in multi-room music projects or home cinema applications.

What makes our cerasonar architect sub so special?
Specially developed vibration dampers on the mounting bracket provide significant structure-borne sound and vibration reduction for wall and ceiling installations, making our cerasonar architect sub an ideal solution for multi-party homes or small rooms.

For a quick and easy overhead installation, we have equipped our cerasonar architect sub with a light but above all very stable mounting bracket. First, the bracket including the vibration dampers is mounted on the ceiling, then the subwoofer is screwed and secured with four safety nuts. The 40 cm long 80 mm ventilation pipe is made of high-quality rubber, which guarantees a small radius. Two openings are provided to ensure trouble-free installation. The opening that is not needed is closed with a blind plug.
To fit perfectly into modern interior design, the elegant and small (85 x 85 mm) air outlet has no frame and is thus flush with the wall or ceiling. It can be installed in drywall (1-layer or 2-layer). If a different colour of grille is desired, it can easily be adapted with a conventional paint spray.

  • Power rating: 150 w RMS (300 w max)
  • Impedance: 4 ohms
  • Frequency range: 35 - 150 hz* / *²
  • Frequency range with cerasonar amp: 30 - 150 hz* / *²
  • max SPL: 108 db
  • Dispersion range: hemispheric
  • Single stereo mode: no
  • for humid environments: no
  • Drywall: suitable for suspended ceilings with a space of at least 210 mm (make sure there is at least 5 mm space between sub and plasterboard)
  • Vent size: 8,5 x 8,5 cm (can be painted)
  • Dimensions: 35,0 x 27,5 x 20,0 cm (only housing, without parts)
  • Weight: 8,5 kg

* depending on installation situation

  • Supplied pipe length: ~ 450 mm
  • max SPL: 108 dB @ 70 Hz, pipe length: 300 mm (1 pipe) or pipe length: 640 mm (2 pipes, no vent noises at high SPL)
  • max SPL: 105 dB @ 50 Hz, pipe length: 450 mm (1 pipe) or pipe length: 950 mm (2 pipes, no vent noises at high SPL)

  • Delivery content:
    1x subwoofer
    1x flexible pipe 80 mm (45 cm length)
    2x pipe clamps
    1x bracket for vibration reduced mounting (wall and ceiling)
    1x grille (black)
    1x grille housing for single layer 12,5 mm plasterboard
    1x bracket for grille mounting on plasterboard
  • cerasonar transformator 100v - 50w
  • cerasonar cs-500dsp4 amp
  • cerasonar cs-2000dsp4 amp
  • cerasonar speaker installation cable

cad drawing cerasonar architect sub


cad drawing cerasonar architect sub 80 mm pipe

Installation instructions - DOWNLOAD


Special effects noticeably flow through your body

Your favourite blockbuster goes right through your marrow and bone. Friends come to the live concert in your own house.

Action Experience

Conventional loudspeaker systems typically reproduce the high and medium frequencies particularly well. For the low frequency tracks in Dolby or DTS format, we recommend using a subwoofer (Sub) from cerasonar to make even the lowest frequency spectrum come alive.

The modern blockbuster cinema always overwhelms fans with a good pinch of action. Designed and optimised for low frequency sound waves, our sub series guarantees you a film experience on all levels that is not only audible but also tangible.

Live Concert
As real as never before!

Excitement's in the air. The concert that everyone has been looking forward to for months is about to begin. A part of the band comes on stage. The fans around you are clapping and whistling. The atmosphere rises to immeasurable heights.

Adrenalin and an active bass is flowing through your body. Professionally calibrated and tuned to the room acoustic conditions, our sub series ensures a rich, precise sound reproduction and an incomparable bass quality.

a multi-dimensional
Gaming experience

You have to keep an eye on everything, because the opponent could come from anywhere. The game is fast-paced. If you sit back, the risk of getting into the opponent's sights at the last moment increases.

The game universe has expanded many times over in recent years. Games and consoles are becoming smarter and smarter with high-resolution graphics and impressive sound quality like a good movie.

Give your virtual world a tangible, multi-dimensional upgrade by increasing our sub series.

The perfect complement

to your speakers

The cerasonar 6062 sub uses the same 12“ woofer that is used in the 9062 ultimate ensuring a rich, precise sound reproduction and an incomparable bass quality.

Integrated backbox
Extra internal volume unnecessary

The 10040 and 13362 subs have an integrated backbox that provides you with the advantage that extra internal volume is not necessary.

Which one to choose
Smalll or huge?

For small to medium sized rooms we recommend the 10040 sub whereas the huge 13362 sub with four long stroke 8“ subs is your choice for a multi-sensational home cinema experience with a high-energy bass presentation.

sub series

How to | install

From our customers


We installed the speakers completely invisibly in the ceiling in the open kitchen and adjacent dining room. The powerful subwoofer has disappeared into a kitchen cupboard so that the room is filled with powerful and beautiful sounds.

The design has already caused amazement among some visitors and has become a real "highlight" in the conversion of the house. The contact, planning and implementation of the project went smoothly and professionally. we give it an absolute recommendation!


Bremen, Germany

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