cerasonar concrete mini
cerasonar concrete mini
cerasonar concrete mini
cerasonar concrete mini

cerasonar concrete mini

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Our concrete mini #outdoorspeaker at a glance

⚪ Material: Made of concrete - a real statement of value and durability.
⚪ Sound: 360° sound radiation thanks to diffuser.
⚪ Design: Discreet, yet a real eye-catcher in the garden.
⚪ Dimensions: Compact with 16 cm diameter and 22 cm height.
⚪ Interior: 4-inch neodymium fullrange driver and double bass reflex channel for impressive sound.
⚪ Expandability & combination: Can be combined with a subwoofer for extra power. To ensure the best sound experience, the use of our cerasonar amplifier, either the cs-500dsp4 (dynamic bass boost feature) or the cs-2000dsp4, is required.
⚪ Optional:
- different impedance of the speaker driver (8 or 16 Ohm)
- Anti-theft cable (M5, length: 225 mm)

Power rating: 30 w RMS (60 w max)
Impedance: 4 ohms
Frequency range: 60 - 20.000 hz*
max SPL: 102 dB
Dispersion range: 360°
Single stereo mode: no
Weight: 2,5 kg
Dimensions: 16 x 16 x 22 cm
Driver: 1x 4" fullrange - bassreflex tuned @ 70 Hz
LED: 2w usable @12v or 24v
Application: indoor / outdoor

Required cable: 1x 2 wires (speaker) + 1x 2 wires for LED (12v or 24v)
Required amp: cs-500dsp4 (recommended) or cs-2000dsp4

* with cs-500dsp4 (dynamic bass boost preset)

code: 1330 - anti theft cable
code: 1217-8 (8 ohms impedance)
code: 1217-16 (16 ohms impedance)

cs-500dsp4 v2 presets:

  • 1217-HPF (highpass filtre @125 Hz, subwoofer required) - DOWNLOAD
  • 1217-FR (dynamic bass boost) - DOWNLOAD

Installation instructions - DOWNLOAD


concrete mini

The concrete mini is both speaker and light at the same time. The warm white LED can be connected via 12v or 24v.
Thanks to the built-in 4" neodymium full-range driver, you can even use it without a sub (cs-500dsp4 with dynamic bass preset required).

Fresh and unique


Our new cerasonar concrete series blends harmoniously into any landscape. Available as full-range speaker and subwoofer, this series delivers superior sound quality with 360° dispersion into any garden.


Each item is an unique piece of art.

The cerasonar concrete products are available in grey (standard), anthracite and white. The top surface is available smooth (standard) or rough. Colour deviations are part of the vivid appearance of the concrete.