carefully handmade
At cerasonar, the pursuit of real sound and the love for perfection details is a family matter

More than 40 years ago, Ulrich Ranke began to develop special loudspeakers that enable pure listening pleasure in technically and acoustically demanding situations. Today, together with his sons, cerasonar grew into a family owned company that believes in „made in Germany“ and serves it‘s clients in more than 31 countries on 5 continents.cerasonar gives you the freedom to enjoy superior sound in anysituation – without cable clutter and loss of space. The loudspeakerare fully integrated into the walls or ceilings and totally invisible. Aspart of the house technology they are the optimal complement forany SmartHome project.

Beautifully located

In the artists‘ village Worpswede

Beautifully located in the artists‘ village Worpswede, in the famous Hamme lowlands, you can find our production site in the middle of nature, a wonderful, inspiring spot for design and innovation.


Handcrafted in Germany

Traditionally, loudspeaker production is handicraft, this has changed little until today and
will definitely not change with us.