cerasonar 9062 ultimate

cerasonar 9062 ultimate

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With the cerasonar 9062 ultimate we designed a pneumatic driven speaker that delivers best in class performance. It comes in a larger format to distribute the ex-cursion less over a larger area.

It has incredible bass capabilities with it’s 12” driver – which is the biggest driver to be used in an invisible speaker. Preferably installed in a timber made construc-tion this series guarantees you an overw-helming sound experience. Music is not only heard, it is felt by every hard push of the 12“ woofer. The two exciter drivers deliver crystal clear mid- and high range resolution.

The advanced crossover has a built-in pro-tection circuit so that it can be connected to conventional amplifiers without the need for an additional protection unit. To enhance your experience we recommend the combination with our cs-500dsp4 - feel the difference.

  • Power rating: 125 w RMS (250 w max)
  • Impedance: 4 ohms
  • Frequency range: 35 - 20.000 hz* / *²
  • Frequency range with cerasonar amp: 30 - 20.000 hz* / *²
  • max SPL: 105 db
  • Dispersion range: 180° x 180° h./v.
  • Single stereo mode: no
  • for humid environments: no
  • Drywall: 1- or 2-layered 12,5 mm plasterboard
  • Installation cut out: 84,5 x 56,5 cm
  • Dimensions: 90,0 x 62,0 x 11,2 cm
  • Weight: 9,5 kg

* depending on installation situation
*² we recommand min. 100 litres installation volume!

  • cerasonar transformator 100v - 50w
  • cerasonar cs-500dsp4 amp
  • cerasonar cs-2000dsp4 amp
  • cerasonar frame/backbox 9062
  • cerasonar placeholder 9062
  • cerasonar speaker installation cable
cad drawing cerasonar 9062 ultimate


you could feel your favourite song

Your favourite song belongs to be experienced with all your senses and felt with every fibre of your body. Our ultimate series is our exclusive full-range system with a rich, top-class sound image. We designed it to be a pneumatic driven speaker that delivers best in class performance.

biggest driver

Ever used in an invisible speaker


integrated subwoofer

already included

Protection circuit

Incredible Power

In low frequencies & high volumes

Experience the feeling of limitless freedom, unparalleled clarity and tangibly real bass that is only possible with a driver and diaphragm in this unique combination.


Easily adapted to your room acoustics

From our customers


The cerasonar 9062 ultimate ensures a broad grin on the face of the listener. Honest pitch-black bass - completely invisible. But the exciters were no longer enough - a 12" bass on the side helps them to build a powerful foundation.

Who hasn't heard it doesn't believe it, but this is definitely a possibility to install invisible speakers with party capability in your own four walls.

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Wolfgang Höhne

Dipl.-Ing (FH) Interior Design www.wolfganghoehne.com


the perfect complement

9062 ultimate

how to | install

100 percent customer satisfaction

Our service includes a 5-year warranty. Our product liability insurance (only valid in Germany) in cooperation with AachenMünchener provides protection against property damage and bears the full costs for a possible restoration. A prerequisite is the registration with us in our company. Each of our cerasonar loudspeakers comes with comprehensive, easy-to-understand installation instructions in picture and video format, which even makes subsequent installation in existing walls extremely easy.

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