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7 Advantages, that you benefit from being a certified cerasonar partner

Expand your service portfolio

with a versatile and neat product. Over 50,000 sold loudspeaker solutions worldwide speak for themselves! Extraordinary customer requests are finally possible with our flexible and reliable products. Our cerasonar speakers allow you to fill any room with music.

Extremely powerful package

Each of our innovative loudspeaker systems can be accompanied by our new amplifier. That is equipped with a modern DSP processor and is controlled via network. The presets for each cerasonar loudspeaker ensure great sound in every room. The digital overload protection guarantees operational safety. For conventional audio amplifiers we offer a protection unit, which also guarantees operational safety. High-quality cerasonar accessories offer you a comprehensive basis for different installation requirements.

100 percent customer satisfaction

As a family business, the satisfaction of our customers has the highest priority for us. Already in 1973 Ulrich Ranke created completely new sound reinforcement possibilities with a diffusor loudspeaker, in 1985 the development of the Hexacone membrane was patented. Our acoustic experience and know-how make our products far ahead in the market in sound and dynamics. By continuously improving this standard, the dreams of your customers become our reality.

Reduce callbacks

… of installers through an innovative product with uncomplicated installation: We are in direct contact with installers for you and are constantly further developing our products. The invisible loudspeakers are light and flat, making them easy to install in existing walls and ceilings with the help of our easy-to-understand installation instructions in picture and video format. Our latest amplifier is the smallest and smartest on the market. It is easy to install and has an extremely small footprint (1U). When installed in a 19″ rack, it allows the mounting of up to two devices next to each other. 

Start without risk 

Our premium service includes a 5-year warranty. Our product liability insurance in cooperation with AachenMünchener provides protection against property damage and bears the full costs of restoration. (Condition: professional installation, currently only available in Germany) 

Reduce your C02 footprint

We are aware of our obligation to the environment and try to make our contribution for the next generations with the resources available to us. High-quality solar panels on our production buildings and the directly connected lithium-ion storage units form the elementary energy basis of our cerasonar loudspeaker manufacture. By 2020 we are proud to be able to drastically reduce our CO2 footprint and achieve a high degree of autonomy.

Niche access to a quickly growing market

Jump on the Smart Home train with us and benefit from the advantages of a strong and future-oriented industry. While 4 million households in Germany have already been designed smart by 2017, Digital Market Outlook forecasts a rapid increase of up to 13.5 million households by 2023




Sound quality –
a personal

The ability to offer our integrators a truly invisible loudspeaker option has been something on our list for a long time. Finding a brand like Cerasonar isn’t something that happens every day and we are delighted to have found this hidden gem for our customers. Invisible speaker brands so often focus on invisibility first and audio quality a distant second. We took our time finding that perfect product for the UK market that doesn’t compromise on sound yet still delivers the invisible.

Marc Waple  Sales and Marketing Director of Indigo Distribution

Jump on the Smart Home train with us in time

Take part in our application process now to be recognized as a certified cerasonar partner. Upon successful approval you will immediately benefit from the advantages of the partner program and will be listed as a certified cerasonar partner.