Information for architects

Does the operation provoke cracks in the wall’s surface?

In a professional single-ply plasterboard construction the joints of the drywall boards are always filled with a crack bridge. At the heading joints towards the cerasonar DML panel the same filling style is recommended using a crack bridge (fabric tape). If these generally accepted rules of craftsmanship are respected, no cracks will occur at the abutting edges. When using porous or mineral color coatings fine cracks can emerge on the surface – these are not caused by vibration, but are due to the shrinkage behavior of the colour. These fine cracks usually are less than 0.5mm wide, and can therefore not be considered as a constructional defect. In jurisdiction hairline cracks are classified as blemishes, that the painter has to correct.

Does the music playback disturbe the neighbours?

The cerasonar DML panel emits structure-borne noise into the adjacent areas. It therefore is recommended – and this incidentally affects any built-in speaker – that the drywall shell is designed in a flexible way as it is very much common in acoustic construction. This especially applies to multi-family houses. The rearward sound already is reduced by the mandatory cavity insulation. Additionally, cerasonar also offers as an accessory backboxes. If, however, music is played above the household noise level, at some point also the structural noise insulation fails – which again is a trivial problem with any type of speakers.


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