Information for building owners

Have you already listened to invisible flat-panel speakers and don’t like the sound?
There are many different brands and products regarding invisible speakers. If the sound experience was not good, there could be several reasons.

  1. Have the speakers been installed correctly?
    Has probably the spackle been applied too thick (> 5mm)?
  2. Some products need special amplifiers or control electronics (DSP) in order to equalize resonances and non-linear sound pressure responses. Are these electronic systems missing or are they wrongly adjusted, the sound is considerably affected.

You should listen to these…

The own daughters are known to be always described as the most beautiful. What we have tried is to bequeath all the good genes of loudspeaker development also to the field of invisible speakers. So in the “cerasonar” line of speakers we employed a particularly light diaphragm, which well damped is capable of reproducing the music signal as agile as possible. This follows the tradition of the loudspeaker brand “Eton”, founded way back in the 80ies. The still internationally recognized driver units have been used in numerous high-end speakers. The Exciter, a development also made by ceratec, generates a natural sound behaviour along with the cerasonar diaphragm technology without the use of any crossover. In case a DSP amplifier is used, only corrections to the acoustic properties of the room have to be made, and it is not the characteristics of the speaker that have to be optimized.

The invisible cerasonar speaker models already offer an excellent sound quality in conjunction with normal amplifiers. Please come to visit our factory or let us introduce our products to you on-site. In the “Where to buy” section we happily recommend retailers who are familiar with our products.