cerasonar speakers – FAQ

1. Can I retrofit the panels to my living room, TV room, bathroom, etc.?

cerasonar panels require a drywall construction for installation. Restructuring projects or extensive renovations often offer the possibility to suspend parts of or even the entire ceiling, in order to create space for built-in lights or building technology installations. In these spaces also invisible cerasonar speakers can be integrated. Plasterboard panelings of pillars and beams as well as large wall coverings also are an ideal place for installation.

The cerasonar retrofit series was especially developed for retrofit installations in single ply 12.5 mm drywalls. The installation is easy and fast, convince yourself in the following video.

2. Who is able to plan the installation and connection, and what kind of work has to be done?

We are happy to recommend a local specialist who can execute the installation on-site. If not available, we instead train the drywall builder and brief the involved electrician for the appropriate cabling. In case the speakers are part of a home automation system like Control4, Crestron or KNX, we are happy to assist the systems integrator.

If you want to take care of the audio electronics by yourself, this also is no problem. cerasonar DML panels also perform well with off-the-shelf amplifiers or multiroom systems such as Sonos and others. However, to remain satisfied with the invisible sound, recommendations regarding the operational safety must be observed.

3. Does the operation provoke cracks in the wall’s surface?

In a professional single-ply plasterboard construction the joints of the drywall boards are always filled with a crack bridge / joint tape. At the heading joints towards the cerasonar DML panel the same filling style is recommended using a crack bridge (fabric tape). Furthermore we recommand using a high quality and flexible plaster, e.g. Knauf Uniflott or Ardex 828. The diaphragm of our invisible speaker panels are pre-treated with Ardex P4 primer to provide a grippy surface.

If these generally accepted rules of craftsmanship are respected, no cracks will occur at the abutting edges. When using porous or mineral color coatings fine cracks can emerge on the surface – these are not caused by vibration, but are due to the shrinkage behavior of the colour. These fine cracks usually are less than 0.5mm wide, and can therefore not be considered as a constructional defect. In jurisdiction hairline cracks are classified as blemishes, that the painter has to correct.

4. Does the music playback disturb the neighbours?

The cerasonar DML panel emits structure-borne noise into the adjacent areas. It therefore is recommended – and this incidentally affects any built-in speaker – that the drywall shell is designed in a flexible way as it is very much common in acoustic construction. This especially applies to multi-family houses. The rearward sound already is reduced by the mandatory cavity insulation. Additionally, cerasonar also offers as an accessory backboxes. If, however, music is played above the household noise level, at some point also the structural noise insulation fails – which again is a trivial problem with any type of speakers.

5. Have you already listened to invisible flat-panel speakers and don’t like the sound?!

There are many different brands and products regarding invisible speakers. If the sound experience was not good, there could be several reasons.1. Have the speakers been installed correctly, or has probably the spackle been applied too thick > 5mm (max 2 mm!)?
2. Some products need special amplifiers or control electronics (DSP) in order to equalize resonances and non-linear sound pressure responses. Are these electronic systems missing or are they wrongly adjusted, the sound is considerably affected. The invisible cerasonar speaker models already offer an excellent sound quality in conjunction with normal amplifiers.


6. How many speaker units do I need for which kind of room resp. room size?

This small selection of recommended speaker models is always depending on the individual evaluation of the particular location and the intended purpose, but nevertheless can be used as a reference to help with the first planning.

Living room:
2 x cerasonar 4062 reference per 15-30 sqm

Dining room:
2 x cerasonar 2525 retrofit per 15-30 sqm

1 x cerasonar 4062 reference per 15-30 sqm

2 x cerasonar 4062 concept per 15 sqm
2 x cerasonar 4050 concept per 10 sqm

Home theater:
2 x cerasonar 6062 reference per 15 sqm
2 x cerasonar 4062 reference per 10 sqm
1 x cerasonar 9062 reference sub per 10 sqm
1 x cerasonar 6062 concept sub per 10 sqm

1 x cerasonar 4062 reference per 15 sqm
1 x cerasonar 6062 reference per 30 sqm

Conference room:
2x cerasonar 6062 reference per 30 sqm

We recommend the use of our invisible subwoofer cerasonar 6062 concept sub or 9062 reference sub, even if in some cases this seems unnecessary (e.g. quiet background music, lobby, dining room, etc.). For home theater application as well as for dynamic music reproduction, the installation of the subwoofer is mandatory.

7. What happens if the panels get destroyed or defective? What about the warranty?

In any case, the panels must be removed. A repair or further use depends on the nature of the defect. Our speaker panels must be used with a high pass filtre and we recommand using our protection unit, this unit offers three safety features, the first is a highpass filtre that removes the deep frequencies and protects the drivers from overexcursion. The second is a polyswitch, the thermally responsive resistor controls the load capacity of the electrical part of the oscillating system. In case of overload, the polyswitch reduces the signal level, that is, the volume is significantly lowered until the voice coil has cooled down (the panel then plays quieter). For rapid pulses we integrated a special relay circuit that cuts the power on very high power peaks.

Ceratec grants a 5-year functional warranty on Exciters and panels, if the installation and setup protocol has been signed and registered with us. Improper use or overloading may void the warranty.

If installation and operation is effected in accordance with our regulations a malfunction is almost impossible. A good example to compare is perhaps the “floor heating system”, which resembles a similar situation, and which also requires a careful execution. A trained retailer or installer meets these requirements due to the cerasonar installation and setup protocol. DIY is also possible if the manual and technical skills are given.


8. Cost factors

In a multiroom installation special or proprietary amplifiers can become an inconvenient multiplier in the budget management. One special amplifier per room makes ten special amplifiers in total. For multiroom systems we recommend the control4 Matrix multichannel amplifier. The built-in equalizer allows for individual room adjustments, while the operational safety can be ensured by a volume limiter.

9. What else should be considered before installation?

Before the installation please pay attention to these issues:

  • The speaker panels must not be covered by paintings or similar
  • A damage of the diaphragm by a nail / screw or smiliar can cause a defect
  • Since the speaker panel produces vibrations it’s important that nearby the speaker are no devices installed that are not resonance-free. In some cases the devices (such as installation lamps) can be treated with silicon or similar to seal it
  • All cerasonar speakers are pre-drilled and it’s required to use all screws for installation