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SERVICE HOTLINE: +49 4792 / 9557080

How do I choose the right cerasonar loudspeaker?

Every home is different. For a limited time we currently offer free strategic sound reinforcement consulting. If you would like an individual, invisible sound solution to go with your building plan - then you can submit your building plan now. 

Where can I order cerasonar loudspeakers?

Our loudspeaker solutions are only available through certified cerasonar partners. Find a certified cerasonar partner in your area now.

Can I listen to cerasonar speaker test?

Of course. Many of our cerasonar partners offer sound samples on site. However, if you wish, you can also visit us directly in Worpswede, the artists' village near Bremen, to convince yourself of the sound quality. Please arrange a personal appointment with our service team by phone: +49 4792 / 9557080; Mon-Fri 8.00-16.00 o'clock.

How long is the warranty on my cerasonar loudspeakers?

As a family business, the satisfaction of our customers has the highest priority for us. Our service includes a 5-year warranty in Germany. Our product liability insurance in cooperation with AachenMünchener protects against property damage and bears the full costs for a possible restoration. A prerequisite is the registration with us in our company.

Each of our loudspeakers comes with comprehensive, easy-to-understand installation instructions in picture and video format, which even make subsequent installation in existing walls very easy.

Do I need insulation behind the cerasonar speakers?

Our cerasonar loudspeakers are already equipped with acoustic foam on the back. To ensure perfect sound reproduction, the use of rock wool in the wall or ceiling cavity is essential. It must be ensured that there is sufficient space for the loudspeaker so that the insulation does not press against the loudspeaker. Above all, make sure that loose objects such as cables are laid vibration-proof so that no noise is generated on the plasterboard.

Which cables should I use?

We recommend that you use high-quality speaker cables and pay attention to OFC or CU when selecting them. This means that the cable is 99% copper instead of copper-coated aluminium. The following rule of thumb should be observed when dimensioning the cable:

4-Ohm speakers, e.g. cerasonar 4062 reference:
- 10 meters cable length, minimum 0.75 mm²
- 20 meters cable length, at least 1.50 mm²
- 50 meters cable length, at least 4.00 mm²


8-ohm loudspeaker, e.g. cerasonar 1520 fit:
- 10 meters cable length, minimum 0.50 mm²
- 20 meters cable length, at least 0.75 mm²
- 50 meters cable length, at least 2.50 mm²

What should be considered when laying cables?

Especially in the ceiling (but also in the wall), make sure that the speaker cables do not touch the invisible speakers. The reason for this is that the speakers generate vibrations that can cause unwanted noise on the cables or other components. To avoid this, the last meter of the speaker cable should already be routed through the mineral wool. We will be happy to help you personally with subsequent loudspeaker installations. You can reach our service team as follows: +49 4792 / 9557080 Mo-Fr 8.00-16.00 

Which plaster is best suited for cerasonar loudspeakers?

All our cerasonar loudspeakers are already primed with Ardex P4. For further processing,
we recommend a spatula on the basis of plaster-plastic. We have tested the following plaster:

- Ardex 828
- Ardex R1
- Ardex 820 Superfinish
- Knauf Uniflott (available in most DIY stores)

(For the US market, a premixed grout with standard drying time can be used)

Do not apply more than 2 mm of plaster. Less is more, otherwise the maximum volume is affected.

I would like to install LED spots in the vicinity of the cerasonar loudspeakers, do I have to consider anything?

Built-in devices, such as LED spots, should not be placed near invisible speakers as much as possible. If this is not possible, we recommend the installation of high quality devices, as they are not easily prone to vibrations. Should disturbing resonances occur, the built-in devices can alternatively be damped with anti-vibration tape. We would be happy to advise you individually whether cerasonar loudspeakers are compatible with your equipment. Please send us an e-mail to or contact our service hotline at +49 4792 / 9557080; Mo-Fr 8-16 o'clock.

Does Cerasonar also offer individual solutions?

Our product range offers the right loudspeaker for almost every application. We are happy to advise you on your choice and, thanks to our production in Northern Germany, we can also produce individual, invisible sound. In the past, this has already resulted in a number of custom-made products, including for houseboats and sounding furniture.



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