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The cerasonar invisible speakers can be easily installed in plasterboard or concrete walls and ceilings and amaze with an incredible good sound. We offer a 5-year warranty and provide various accessories for different installation needs. The cerasonar invisible speakers are suitable for a wide range of applications.

“The kitchen has grown to become the most important area into residential projects.”

Music – like the culinary world — is about expression. 
Kitchen radios or stereo systems are nowadays replaced in a smart home by centrally controlled music systems and built-in speakers. Whether you’re a newbie, a 5-star chef, or the next masterchef — look no further for an upgrade than music in your kitchen.

As the invisible loudspeakers are part of the ceiling or wall, cooking fumes cannot damage the panels and their components. The uniform dispersion of sound always provides a perfect sound between various points in the kitchen, leaving a lot of freedom in the installation.

“Enjoy the time in the bathroom with your favourite music”

Whether for relaxing, refreshing or washing, we want to feel comfortable in our bathroom. From the trendy and modern shower room up to the luxurious designed private wellness temple, people always have different tastes and demands. Beautiful tiles, high-quality ceramic objects and fashionable fittings play an important role. A music lover always desires the best, like built-in speakers to bring even more atmosphere to the bathroom. In-wall or in-ceiling speakers in conjunction with a multiroom audio system provide better sound and more comfort. In addition to the bathroom, also sauna, fitness and pool areas benefit from a multiroom audio solution for the optimal music comfort. 

Stereo sound from only one single speaker

The cerasonar fit series is perfectly suitable for installation in spaces such as bathrooms, toilets and spa areas. The speaker panel can be installed easily and produces a lively and natural sound experience.
The cerasonar 2525 fit can be installed for single-stereo use: this becomes useful for long corridors or small rooms such as guest bathrooms, where it is not possible to perceive the stereo base because of the characteristics of the environment. In this case, a single speaker is connected to both left and right channels from the stereo amplifier.

“Music out of the ceiling in any room, completely invisible”

As different as people and living spaces may be, everyone is pleased
about perfect sound. The invisible sound of cerasonar offers first-class
music enjoyment – independent from environment and style.We spend a lot of time in our home. Stick to your style with confidence, no matter how big or small a room is, no matter whether yourstyle is minimalist or plush. cerasonar gives you the freedom to listen with joy – for the love of music.

With cerasonar’s invisible speakers, you can create an invisible home cinema.

With our roots in the acoustic development, our goal was to create an invisible loudspeaker that really has the qualities to be used for home cinema. The cerasonar reference series delivers an impressive sound pressure level, and makes the use of conventional speakers unnecessary in home cinema projects.

Only the projector remains visible when the system is turned off. The white wall, into which the speakers have been invisibly integrated, acts as a projection surface. The effect speakers are placed in the ceiling, so any of the multi-channel formats such as ATMOS, AURO-3D and DTS-X can also be implemented. 

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