Examples of the residential trend: “invisible speakers”

Listening to music is particularly on trend. In exchange for small “multiroom speakers” we would like to suggest possibilities for invisible speaker integration. The success of multiroom speaker systems that distribute music into the home via WiFi must be owed also to the form factor. The usually very compact speakers are perceived as little disturbing. However, anyone who wants to experience room-filling sound not only according to advertising campaigns knows that for this purpose larger speakers are required.
Our speakers let even these small compact systems disappear by fully integrating invisibly into walls and ceilings. With zone amplifiers from e.g. Sonos or Denon HEOS an invisible speaker system can be set up.

Ideas for

  • Music in the living room
  • Music in the kitchen
  • Music in the bedroom
  • Music in the bathroom
  • Home theater configuration

The extremely flat panels are designed for dry and solid walls. A new Exciter, developed and manufactured by cerasonar, ensures outstanding dynamics – indispensable for use as a full stereo or home theater system with breathtaking acoustics. Off-the-shelf hi-fi equipment and existent amplifier systems can be easily combined with cerasonar.