cerasonar 9062 sub backbox

The cerasonar 9062 sub backbox can be used to lower the sound level in the rear rooms. We recommand using the backbox for walls that are smaller than 5 sqm due to heavy compression in small compartments.

Suitable for installations in 125 mm / 5″ walls.


– Lowers the sound level in rear rooms
– Sturdy built
– For use with cerasonar 9062 sub
– Can be plastered / mudded over up to 2 mm
– Primed with Ardex P4
– Fits 12.5 mm and 1/2″ plasterboards

Installation video


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Installation options

– Drywall 1- or 2-layer
– Achievable surface quality Q3 / Q4
– Backbox as option available
– Mounting frame for solid walls as option available


Technical specifications

Dimensions: 131 x 62 cm
Depth: 125 mm (5″)
Weight: 10,0 kg