cerasonar 2.1 dsp bluetooth amplifier

Suitable for the cerasonar retrofit series in combination with a subwoofer, e.g. ideal for bathroom
and kitchen. This enables wireless music transmission between device (e.g. smartphone) and speaker
system. This amplifier features a built-in dsp and a bluetooth audio chip.

Technical specifications

Size: 107 x 107 x 53 mm
Output power rating:
8 ohm 2 x 10 w (panel) / 1 x 25 w (subwoofer)
4 ohm 2 x 15 w (panel) / 1 x 30 w (subwoofer)
Bluetooth apt-x

Includes a 24 volts power supply.
Based on a Kaiser 9195-91 drywall housing, very easy to install.

By using this amplifier a protection unit for the speaker panels is not required anymore.


Wiring the cerasonar 2.1 amp