ISE 2019 Amsterdam

Lots of excited looks at our invisible loudspeakers
Ulrich presents the cerasonar system
Many thanks to the visit of Oliver from IHS in Spain
Many thanks as well to the visit from China
Here you can see the different layers of the plaster. Up to 2 mm can be plastered over and there is no risk of cracks due to a crack bridge
All loudspeaker systems were demonstrated

XFI 2018

One day, all new buildings might be constructed with audio in mind – in which case the in-wall and in-ceiling units from Germany’s Ceratec will fit the bill. Meanwhile they are retro-fit and create the ‘invisible speaker’, being able to accommodate 3mm of plaster and decoration to blend seamlessly into the surface. Demonstrated by the company’s Constantin Ranke using Preußens Gloria they certainly sounded impressive while not being noticeable.

source: /// Trevor Butler