about cerasonar and ceratec


Speaker systems that meet our uncompromising quality standards, can only be produced with complex manual work. Sound engineers, musicians and physicists are all involved in the development of our products. What they have in common is a passion for perfect sound. At cerasonar we measure, analyse and process until all team members are enthusiastic.

The creative and intellectual forces behind cerasonar are Constantin, Julius and Ulrich Ranke. Ulrike Ranke’s innovative spirit has led to the creation of cerasonar, a further achievement in the family tradition. As founder of the legendary Eton hi-fi brand, Ulrich Ranke revolutionized the market since the 1980s with the invention of the patented Hexacone® ultra-lightweight honeycomb membrane. Cerasonar continues its tradition of innovation in the field of invisible loudspeakers.

Milestones up to the launch of cerasonar
  • 1973 Development of first loudspeaker
  • 1978 Audio Analyzer
  • 1983 Founding of Eton Deutschland GmbH / Eton Germany Ltd.
  • 1984 Development of Hexacone diaphragm
  • 1985 Patent issuance of Hexacone diaphragm
  • 1989 Development of Crystex diaphragm
  • 1991 Patent issuance of Crystex diaphragm
  • 1991 Sale of Eton Germany Ltd. to LPG in Neu-Ulm, Germany
  • 1997 Takeover of the entire Hifi & Design range of speakers from the ACR AG, Switzerland
  • 1999 Founding of Ceratec Germany Ltd.
  • 1999 Development of new Effeqt series
  • 2001 Market introduction of Effeqt series#
  • 2002 Market introduction of Vita I series
  • 2003 Development of Xeno LED speakers
  • 2004 Vita II with Class D amplification (Icepower)
  • 2004 Development of proprietary Class D amplifier
  • 2004 Market introduction of Aeon/Aeon S series
  • 2006 Development of Exciter model
  • 2007 Faqt model with interchangeable side panels
  • 2009 Rebranding in  Ceratec Audio Design Ltd.
  • 2009 New production site in Bremen, all products „Made in Germany“
  • 2009 Presentation of Effeqt series’ Mark III generation
  • 2010 Development of panel speaker with proprietary Exciter


Milestones of cerasonar

  • 2010 Development of archetype of cerasonar 300 panel
  • 2012 Development of cerasonar 6060×2 panel
  • 2012 Development of cerasonar 6560x4sub built-in subwoofer
  • 2013 Development of cerasonar 3060×1 and 3060×2 panels
  • 2016 Development of cerasonar 6060xplus high-end panel
  • 2016 Development of cerasonar 1520×1 mini-panel
  • 2017 Development of a Bluetooth DSP amplifier
  • 2018 Launch of the new invisible speaker lines, cerasonar retrofit, concept and reference