Invisible speakers integrated in living rooms


First-class sound without impairment of spatial aesthetics: cerasonar is an entirely invisible speaker technology, that superbly reproduces music in a wide dispersion angle to satisfy music lovers’ even most discerning demands. Years of seasoned experience as well as the pursuit for perfection have flown into the completion of these extraordinary sound panels. Thus the result: a living environment filled with music, but with no visible speakers.

Tips for installation

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If the speakers can be integrated in a suspended ceiling, this is the ideal place for multiroom sonication. Thus, you create for years the possibility for flexible floor plan design. For example, you can change positioning of paintings or cupboards without concealing any speakers. The second advantage of a suspended ceiling is the integration of lighting, in conjunction with the subsequent possibility of changes. The third advantage is the capability to improve the room acoustics. In particular minimally furnished rooms benefit a lot from such a measure.